Education Package


Learning tools that visually represent ideas
"Sports values" that are difficult to explain with words are explained through manga and illustrations in a way that is easy to understand.

Based on Values

Manga Education Movie: "Is it fair?"

What is the "power of sport"? What would happen if the power of sport is in threat?
What would that situation be? Let’s explore and discover in "Play True Games".

Video length: 2' 15"

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Manga Education Movie: "Find your moment"

Anyone can find and create your "Real Champion Moment"!? What moment derives from athletes, and how will it be relayed? And... how about YOUR "moment"?

Video length: 1' 19"

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Manga Education Movie: "Playing for your Best?"

What is "fairness" in sport? Does fairness only matter for you? Who creates fairness? Discover where "fairness" is embraced outside of sporting field!

Video length: 2' 04"

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Flash Card: "Is it fair?"

Selected scenes from Manga Education Movie, "Is it fair?". Possible to be used at any situation, such as for discussion, group work or role play.

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Activity Sheet

The activity tool to think and share "what you like about sport" and why "the power of sport" is important. Use together with MANGA movies to express how you can do to protect and develop the power of sport.

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Activity Sheet (blank)

Activity Sheet freely used with 3 free questions to tailor to your needs.

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Sport-related photos

5 photos illustrating the power of sport. Photos can be used to connect how the power of sport is related to society or daily life.

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Flag to sign

Flag to sign your names with your messages, thoughts, or even commitment to your sport.

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10 Fairness Scene sheet

Illustration for 10 topics on "fair" and "unfair" in sport – you can use all or selected topics for creating discussions

–Taking an illegal substance as you know your opponent has done the same.
–You make fun of a rival during a competition.

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Based on Rules


Anti-Doping Rules Book for Athletes and Support Personnel. Basics and applications regarding athlete's roles and responsibilities. Recommended to use along with “Anti-Doping Session Slide “ to deepen understanding.

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Anti-Doping Session Slide

Power Point presentation with talking point, the contents of PLAY TRUE BOOK and tips for explanation. Any Support Personnel can be accustomed to use easily.

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