Privacy Policy

The Japan Anti-Doping Agency (JADA) will establish a basic policy on the protection of personal information and will endeavor to further protect personal information.
In order to prevent the infringement of individual rights and interests accompanying the handling of personal information, JADA will thoroughly enforce the staff and stakeholders involved in the project so that the information can be stored safely and handled.

Collection restrictions

  • When JADA intends to collect personal information, it clarifies the purpose of handling personal information and collects it to the extent necessary for achieving its purpose.
  • In principle, JADA collects from himself by proper and fair means.
  • As a general rule, JADA will not collect personal information on thought, creed and religion.

Proper maintenance

  • JADA will prevent leakage, loss, damage, and tampering of personal information.
  • JADA will discard or delete personal information that we no longer need reliably and promptly.

Restrictions on non-purpose use / provision

  • As a general rule, JADA does not use personal information internally for purposes other than those collected.
  • As a general rule, JADA will not provide collected personal information to relevant anti-doping organizations and non-third parties that have been specified in advance.

Disclosure · Correction · Request for suspension

  • You can request JADA's own personal information disclosure / correction / suspension of use.

Consultation window concerning handling of personal information

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