Activity Session

Occasion [Place]
Community Activity [Child Friendly Spaces, Sana'a, Yemen]
Youth & School Children (Students)
Number of the Participants
75 (25 x 3 sessions)
31-60 mins
Lesson Plan/ Material(s) used

As community activities at Child Friendly Spaces (CFS), the values of sport activity sessions were held in Yemen by Yemen Anti-Doping Committee (YADC).
*CFS are safe spaces set up in emergency settings to support and protect children.
YADC has customized the Lesson Plan to make it more appropriate for their children.


At first, children and youth wrote their names, favorite sport, and athletes to create Friendship Tree as an icebreaker activity. After creating their Friendly Space's rules called Sport Treaty, they learned the basic rules of New MO! from the short movie and enjoyed New MO! Finally, they wrote their messages in their own words.
The children and youth participated well with having fun and they wished to have the activity session again.

Activity Session image Activity Session image Activity Session image Activity Session image
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