Active Learning (New MO!)

Occasion [Place]
Roverway 2016 [Jambville in Paris]
age 16-22 youth
Number of the Participants
163 from 16 countries
60mins (x 7 times during the event period)
Lesson Plan/ Material(s) used

Volunteers came from Finland and Denmark assigned by the event organizer facilitated the activity, New MO! to the youth (Scout members) who do not engage in a competitive sport on a daily basis. Through the activity, the participants could have a renewed sense of connection with the society as a citizen and the importance of building an inclusive community.


It was fun to play New MO!, and it was a good opportunity to think how our life connects to the society. As a deliverer, the provided rule instruction sheet was easy to understand to run activity.

Active Learning (New MO!) image Active Learning (New MO!) image Active Learning (New MO!) image
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