Manga Movie

Occasion [Place]
The 72 Japan National Winter Sports Festival [1. M-WAVE (Speed Skating venue) 2. Big Hat (Figure Skating and Short Track venue)]
Athletes, Athlete Support Personnel, Spectators
Number of the Participants
During the ice resurfacing time
Lesson Plan/ Material(s) used

The Manga Movies were played at the skating competition venues of "Nagano Ginrei National Sports Festival," the 72nd Japan National Winter Sports Festival. The movies are visually understandable with colorful and winsome characters; therefore, they attracted a wide range of people and could provide a meaningful opportunity to realize the importance of anti-doping and values of sports.


Since the attracted sound and movement of the unique characters were eye-catching despite the noise and bustle of the break, I thought that everyone including small children to adults could enjoy the movies.

Manga Movie image Manga Movie image
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