Theme & Agenda

The list of the themes of past seminars – click the “Theme” to see the agendas.

Year(FY) # Venue/Form Theme
2023 17 Tokyo
United Effort for a Clean Sport Environment
2022 16 Tokyo
Reuniting the Clean Sport Community: with a Living Legacy to Preserve the Values of Sport
2021 15 GoVirtual! Legacy Creates Our Future for Clean, Fair and True Sport
2020 14 GoVirtual! Are you READY!? - for 2021 Code/ ISs and the next CCQ
2019 13 Tokyo CREATE LEGACY TOGETHER: For Clean, Fair and True Sport with the 2021Code
2018 12 Tokyo Athlete Engagement and their Rights & Achieving the Code Compliance: Steps for the 2021Code
2017 11 Chiba Implementing Effective Education Activities & Strategic DCO Management Towards 2020
2016 10 Sapporo World Anti-Doping Code Monitoring and Effective and Quality Practice through Partnerships & PLAY TRUE 2020 Week open event
2015 9 Tokyo Achieving a Quality Practice with 2015 Code and Engagement & Intelligence Workshop in Asia and Oceania
- Tokyo 2015 International Athlete Forum for 2020
2014 8 Tokyo Developing Partnerships to Work Together for Achieving a Quality Practice and for Developing the Sport Integrity
2013 7 Tokyo Effective Implementation and Application: The 2015 World Anti-Doping Code and the International Standards
2012 6 Tokyo Therapeutic Use Exemptions and Anti-Doping Programs
2011 5 Tokyo Communication Strategy for Anti-Doping
2010 4 Tokyo Anti-Doping Science Seminar in Asia
3 Tokyo Investigation of doping and ADAMS training
2009 2 Tokyo Blood Manipulations and Doping in Sport
2008 1 Tokyo Implementation of testing and education programs under the WADA Code