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“TRUTH in Sport, TRUTH in ME”, relayed to the world, and to the future!

Be true to sport.
Be true to yourself.

Dr. MUROFUSHI Koji, Commissioner of Japan Sports Agency and Olympic Gold medalist, was the first messenger on his “TRUTH in Sport, TRUTH in ME” as part of the “PLAY TRUE Relay”, legacy project for Tokyo2020 and beyond.

The athletes of the world then has inscribed as their message about their “TRUTH in Sport, TRUTH in ME” – true value of sport, true value cherished inside them through sport – in ONE unique Makimono - (traditional Japanese scroll paper). The Makimono has been relayed to the world, and to the future.

PLAY TRUE Relay is the project aiming to create the future of sport, and to create a better society through sport.

Two movies below: “Your Value of Sport?” and “Real Champion?” are based on PLAY TRUE Relay. They give you the opportunity to find your own possibilities through the true value of sport.
Let’s relay your own message to the world, and to the future!

See “PLAY TRUE Relay” Athletes’ Interview

Your Value of Sport? – featuring PLAY TRUE Relay

Dr. MUROFUSHI Koji shares the meaning of “true value of sport” for him, and navigates you to think “what is TRUE value of sport for you?”

“TRUTH in Sport” handwritten messages were inscribed in the Makimono by athletes around the world. The messages are the athletes’ real voice how they have found infinite possibilities through sport.
With the athletes’ messages, this clip focuses on how sporting values matter in society, for such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Through this clip, you can think how you can maximize your own potentials, and bloom in your own beautiful way.
“What is the value of sport for you?”
“What kind of messages would you relay to the future?”
Let’s create our future together through the values of sport!

Who is a “Real Champion”? – Athletes’ messages through PLAY TRUE Relay

What kind of actions are required for youth athletes and for young people in society? What does it mean to be a “real champion” through taking your actions in order to protect a clean sport environment, and create the future of sport?

The athletes of the world through “PLAY TRUE Relay” share their experiences and explain around:
- the meaning of becoming a “Real Champion”
- how we can influence a society through the positive value of sport
- what actions we can take for the future of sport and the society

Ms Chelsey Gotell, Chairperson of International Paralympic Committee Athletes’ Council, navigates her fellow athletes’ as well as her PLAY TRUE Relay messages.

What does it mean for you to become a “Real Champion”?