Voices from Clean Sport Community

Through learning and building network at the international seminars, the past seminar participants have taken actions to protect clean and fair sport environment and their clean athletes in their own country/region.

Mr. Aziz Khaled, Secretary General, Yemen Anti-Doping Committee

Attending JADA's International Anti-Doping Annual Seminar in Asia and Oceania is one of my Goals every year. This Seminar provides an active participation, great opportunity for building capacity and excellent networking.

The Seminar Always come up with useful and fruitful outcomes that return its benefits to Asia and Oceania region. Basically, this Seminar shapes the epistemological for Anti-Doping Movement in Asia and Oceania in addition to bring in the latest updates on global anti-doping programmes and information's by WADA's Directors and JADA's Presenters while they introduce Anti-Doping experts' Vision and Ambition.

As such the Seminar organizers use innovative networking sessions which has a great impact within Anti-Doping community allowing participants to build their Clean Sport Network. Importantly, contributing to conversations and listening to others while illustrating their own experiences reinforce the ability to exchange opinions and sharing information and good practices in building Clean Sport environment.

At the end, the International Anti-Doping Seminar in Asia and Oceania strengthens our abilities to express preferences and participate in designing or monitoring of Anti-Doping Activities which is considered as a high priority for ensuring the provision is inclusive and response to sport community’s needs.

Mr. Gobinathan Nair, Director General, South East Asia RADO

The International Anti-Doping Seminar in Asia and Oceania is the seminar that SEARADO and our member countries look forward to annually. Over the years, the seminar has provided a great platform to keep all in Asia and Oceania abreast with the latest information and practical applications in anti-doping.

Through the seminar, it provided us various opportunities - first to share our experiences in the various areas of anti-doping and at the same time learn what the others have been doing, as well as, a closer face-to face interactions with speakers from WADA; the interactions it has allowed among anti-doping stakeholders in the region not only forged greater friendship but the professional exchange of ideas beyond the seminar; finally, the MoU between SEARADO and JADA has resulted in stronger support and assistance over the years and we were able to discuss and implement some of the ideas during the seminar.

Dr. Maira Bakasheva, Chairperson, Central Asia RADO

The Regional Anti-Doping Organization of central Asia (RADOCA) has been a proud member of activities held by JADA Sport for Tomorrow Team. Going back to the beginning of KazNADO anti-doping model development, I recall JADA Asian Anti-doping Seminar 2012 as the first international one for me, which gave us the directions and left the appreciated memories and experience to use in the future, which we did.

Nowadays efficient and consistent measures are taken in order to successfully implement anti-doping policy throughout the world sport society. The main task of the RADOCA office is to work with member countries and provide assistance in the implementation of anti-doping programs.

RADOCA consists of 8 countries even though in the same region, but still distant enough. However, we are always looking for new approaches of delivering information, knowledge and expertise for our country members. JADA Sport for Tomorrow provides us with the high-quality platform to gain experience and innovative ideas. As a result of our prolific collaboration, the Memorandum of Understanding was signed.

The work proceeded by JADA Sport for Tomorrow team matters with its common basis development for discussion and brainstorm, obtaining a groundbreaking impact for anti-doping. Moreover, an essential role of the Athletes voice is highlighted as the priority for the existence of sport in general and for every single effort to fight against doping.

It is crucial that each time seminars are able to provide an up-to-date information regarding last renewed subjects. The new International Standard for Education (ISE) is the one to mention, when in 2019 the experts were willing to share their views, especially on the core principles and probable outcome.

In the light of the recent challenges that anti-doping community has been faced with, I am glad that such works that require certain resources and effort to fulfill high requirements being set in the fight against doping in sport are held.

It is undoubtedly one of the best forums for cooperation and discussion among different regions and WADA Representatives. I truly believe that a long-awaited reunion of the entire sport world is soon to happen in Tokyo 2020 in 2021 and on behalf of RADOCA, I wish all the plans and agendas come to action in the most successful way.

Ms Seena Omar Hatuqay, Secretary General, West Asia RADO

For more than 10 years, JADA successfully managed to attract the attention of the anti-doping community through its annual International Seminar in Asia & Oceania, addressing what’s new in the field and bringing together experts from around the world.

This Seminar became an essential in the agenda of West Asia RADO as for many other RADOs and NADOs, which we look forward with enthusiasm to participate at.

The Seminar provides a platform for the participants to share their experience and challenges openly, it also brings high experienced personnel from different Anti-Doping Organizations and decision-making bodies to enhance the planning, implementation and harmonization of the global Anti-doping program, in addition to introducing what’s new resulting in successful shrinkage of the gap between different ADOs and opening wide opportunities for collaboration among them.

With much gratitude to JADA and its partners for hosting this annual Seminar, we wish the continuity of this prosperous gathering and always look forward for the warm welcome in Japan.

Mr. Frédéric Donzé, Chief Operating Officer, WADA

The annual JADA Seminar is always a great opportunity for all of us anti-doping practitioners to interact with our colleagues from Asia and Oceania and exchange experiences at both local and global levels. We at WADA are very grateful to our colleagues from JADA for organizing such a high quality and well attended event every year.

This year and the next one have been and are going to be exceptional ones, with factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games from 2020 to 2021, and the coming into force of the 2021 World Anti-Doping Code and International Standards all presenting some challenges to the anti-doping community. However, these challenging times have also shown how resilient the anti-doping community is and how motivated everybody, including athletes’ representatives, remain to continue to work tirelessly to protect the integrity of sport.

Education has been a central feature of this 2020 JADA Seminar. There is a strong agreement within the anti-doping community that as much as possible, the first contact of an athlete with anti-doping should be through education rather than testing.

One of the major takeaways from Seminar in 2020 was the great focus on collaboration and partnerships. Only by collaborating will we manage to further optimize the effectiveness of anti-doping efforts worldwide.

In closing, the 2020 JADA Seminar, which was the first edition held in a virtual format, was a great opportunity to still have face-to-face interactions. This Seminar will continue to be an important event in the global annual anti-doping calendar, and a great opportunity to bring together anti-doping practitioners from Asia and Oceania to discuss both global and local issues while reflecting the realities of the region.

Mr. Kazuhiro Hayashi, Director of Asia & Oceania Regional Office, WADA

It has always been an exciting time and experience for me to meet the colleagues of Asia-Oceania clean sport community. In particular, 2020 edition of International Seminar was as “GoVirtual” due to COVID-19, however it was a good opportunity to bring many colleagues together and meet our WADA President, WADA Directors in different specialist areas and other experts.
It is thanks to JADA’s initiative.

Throughout the JADA Seminar, it has consistently been aimed to build a clean sport network and relationship so that all of us can be motivated and encouraged sharing the same passion for the true value of sport.

The 2020 edition was focused on the 2021Code and International Standards. We gained many points to help us to find the solutions to cope with the requirements. We have certainly realized the urgency to fit to our organization, our operation, our staff and ourselves to a new era of Anti-Doping movement.

JADA has been instrumental to make the “invisible” values of sport as visible and tangible as possible through its legacy project, “PLAY TRUE 2020, Sport for Tomorrow”.

In 2021, the year of Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games, the Regional Office for Asia-Oceania in Tokyo will continue assisting the NADOs to be compliant with the Code, support your programs to be implemented effectively and efficiently. Working with such strong partner as JADA, we will keep facilitating your capacity building development. The Asia-Oceania Regional Office will continue promoting the international / regional partnership with various stakeholders including advanced NADOs, RADOs, public authorities, Olympic Movement and other international organizations for clean sport.

I hope this International Seminar in Asia & Oceania will keep helping us united with solidarity to protect clean athlete and sport.