The PLAY TRUE RELAY is a Tokyo 2020 legacy project in which a wide range of athletes from different countries, sport and generations take part to leave a legacy of the "TRUTH" in sport, embracing the world and the future.

The "TRUTH" that each athlete has found through sport and in living will be inscribed as a message in the unique Makimono - traditional Japanese scroll paper to pass important message - and this Makimono is relayed as a message to the world, and to the future.

The tatewaku is a pattern of wavy lines which meet at trough and peak.The gleaming gold surface of the scroll is patterned with the tatewaku.
The “TRUTH” of the athletes, a legacy embracing the world and the future, are entwined in the endlessly weaving lines of the tatewaku.
In bringing together the “TRUTH” of all the athletes, the makimono is a symbol of the infinite possibilities of sport.

“TRUTH in Sport” × “TRUTH in ME”

These are words of “TRUTH” that express what athletes hold nearest and dearest when coming face-to-face with sport. The words spoken here by athletes contain the TRUTH in Sport.

Depicted within the makimono scroll is a map of the world. Athletes leave their signatures and a stamp next to the place they are from, inscribing their TRUTH in Sport in the scroll to be passed on to the future. This is a relay of their messages.