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PLAY TRUE Creator for SPORT & ART by All

SPORT & ART was born from the “PLAY TRUE Planet”.
The PLAY TRUE Planet is constantly growing.

Let’s see how the journey was made.


PLAY TRUE 2020 Unveiling

The Olympic and Paralympic Games was awarded to Tokyo on 7 September 2013.

The legacy project led by the Japanese Government, “Sport for Tomorrow: SFT”, was born with Anti-Doping as a core legacy pillar.
In 2014, “PLAY TRUE 2020” was launched.

“PLAY TRUE 2020” core belief - Sport can change the world :
– Sport has infinite possibilities that must never be destroyed by doping or other factors
– Sport has infinite possibilities to change people’s lives for the better.

The “PLAY TRUE 2020” journey is based on the “TRUTH”, true value of sport.

PLAY TRUE Relay Project

Relaying Athletes’ TRUTH messages

The value of sport can be created by all of us.
We want to make the intangible visible – that is, make those “TRUE” values cherished inside one’s heart visible both for during the Tokyo2020 Games and for the future, and thus, leave a living legacy.

PLAY TRUE Relay engages Athletes of the world. PLAY TRUE Relay Athletes had the opportunity to send their “TRUTH in Sport, TRUTH in ME” messages.

The ‘one and only’ MAKIMONO – a traditional scroll used to pass on important messages in Japan – was relayed from athlete to athlete across five continents.

Through interviews, the "TRUTH" that each athlete found through sport and in life was inscribed as a message in the PLAY TRUE Relay Makimono: true to sport, true to myself.

See PLAY TRUE Relay interviews with
Athletes giving their TRUTH messages

i-PLAY TRUE Relay Project

Relaying EVERYONE’s TRUTH messages

i-PLAY TRUE Relay engages everyone, both sporting and non-sporting people, regardless of age or background.
Everyone can express their “TRUTH in Sport” – the meaning of sport for them, what they cherish about sport and what sport values they would like to see in society.

Everyone’s message was combined, transformed and left as a living, vivid legacy.
You too can join the i-PLAY TRUE Relay with your “Filter Pose” photos – expressing true to sport, true to myself – and with your message via HERO sign, poster, sign board, etc.
The i-PLAY TRUE Relay engages everyone by collecting everyone’s TRUTH message and Filter Pose photos.

It connects everyone’s true heart to sport. Anyone can be a “PLAY TRUE Creator”, creating a legacy for the future of sport.
Those collected messages and photos are integrated into a Work of ART to illustrate the infinite possibilities of sport.

Diversity in sport values mirrors diversity in individual values.
These diversities come together as ART - a living legacy for the future.

i-PLAY TRUE Relay as "i"?

"i" has triple meanings:
1. I myself
2. Love/愛 – love of sport
3. to Meet/逢う – messages are met, and united

Meaning - “I” expresses the true love of sport, that is connected, met and united.

What is “TRUTH” – true value of sport – for you?

Fairness, Commitment, Courage,
Passion, Resilience, Respect…
The feelings people have through watching, playing, and supporting sport can bring us together.

Everything we see and cherish through sport has “TRUTH”.
Expressing the true meaning and value of sport for yourself AND taking “Filter Pose” photos are combined into a Work of ART.

The Work of ART shines for the future of sport.


PLAY TRUE Planet evolving

“PLAY TRUE Planet” is the digital platform of “i-PLAY TRUE Relay”.

Anyone can post their TRUTH messages and Filter Pose photos on PLAY TRUE Planet. These are combined on PLAY TRUE Planet. Anyone can be a “PLAY TRUE Creator”, creating a living legacy.

From the 10 representative sport values with Japanese traditional colours and hexagons with traditional patterns, you can choose one that fits your values.

By choosing an icon, you can post your message on PLAY TRUE Planet.
You can choose any colour and shape you like. You can digitally access PLAY TRUE Planet from anywhere in the world.

PLAY TRUE Planet itself symbolises diversity and inclusion.


“PLAY TRUE Planet: SPORT & ART” public booth

Sport values creation

The Work of ART was showcased during the Tokyo2020 Games (Paralympics only).

All the messages gathered from the world through PLAY TRUE Relay and i-PLAY TRUE Relay were transformed into ART.

The PLAY TRUE Planet booth was run by the “PLAY TRUE Creator”, including Japanese Olympians and Paralympians.
The booth engaged visitors, who became aware of and experienced the values of sport through fun digital exercises and quizzes.

Visitors had the opportunity to reflect on their personal meaning of sport by talking to the PLAY TRUE Creators - the Olympians and Paralympians who shared their personal experiences and their values in sport. Visitors then posted their ‘true value of sport’ messages onto PLAY TRUE Planet.

The DIGITAL Sport & Art live site also engaged people of the world. They could enjoy seeing how their messages were instantly united with those of booth visitors, and transformed into ART, both onsite in the booth and digitally.
The “PLAY TRUE Planet: SPORT & ART” booth was a visible legacy created by bringing the invisible together.

2020+1 & Beyond


How was the legacy created for Tokyo2020?

How can the legacy be relayed beyond Tokyo2020 ?