These terms of use (hereinafter ‘Terms of Use’) stipulate the terms of use for the Find my PLAY TRUE project (hereinafter ‘the Project’) operated by the Japan Anti-Doping Agency (JADA) and the Administrative Office.
Please read carefully, understand, and consent to the Terms of Use prior to participating in the Project. Participation in the Project implies consent to the Terms of Use. ‘Participation’ refers to the submittal of an application for the Project, submitting answers, and any other participatory behaviour.

The aim of the Project is to increase knowledge regarding PLAY TRUE, namely, the values of sport such as fair play and respect for opponents. JADA may change the Terms of Use at any time it deems necessary, and may take actions required for appropriate operation.

■ Changes to Contents
Project information may be updated, corrected, or deleted, etc., and the Project may be temporarily suspended or closed, etc., without prior notification due to problems with communication devices, networks, or computers, or any other reason at the sole discretion of JADA.
JADA shall assume no liability for any loss, damage, etc., incurred by Project participants or third parties due to such changes.

■ Copyright
All rights related to the Project and all content (information, trademarks, service marks, logos, designs, likenesses, etc.) posted in conjunction with the Project belong to JADA or are used by JADA under licence from the owner. Accordingly, reproduction, revision, lending, distribution, public transmission (including via a network), and other use for other purposes and unauthorised use by participants of all or part of contents posted in conjunction with the Project, without the consent of JADA, are prohibited.

■ Disclaimer
Although JADA strives to provide the most up-to-date and accurate Project information available, JADA makes no guarantee of the accuracy, suitability, usefulness, benefit, or reliability of the information, and shall assume no legal obligations regarding such. Further, JADA shall assume no liability for any loss or damage incurred by participants due to participation in the Project or due to actions taken by the participant using Project information, data, etc., or any loss or damage incurred by a third party due to such actions taken by the participant.

■ How to Participate
After consenting to the Terms of Use, log in using your Facebook or Twitter account.
PLAY TRUE points accumulate on your account page each time you answer a daily question or read a PLAY TRUE 2020 Torch Relay interview page. You then become eligible to enter raffles to exchange points for prizes.
You must register your e-mail address when entering a raffle.
Winners will be contacted via the registered email address.
After receiving a notification, winners must provide a shipping address for the prize. If the shipping address has not been provided after a certain period of time, the individual will be deemed to have waived eligibility and the selection will be voided.

■ Linking to Outside Service Accounts
To participate, you must log in to the Project with your Facebook or Twitter (outside services) account. Logging in establishes a usage agreement between JADA and the participant in accordance with the Terms of Use.
Please be aware that use of an outside service account may give JADA access to information regarding the participant registered in the outside service, and the information (icon, name, ID, etc.) may be displayed in conjunction with the Project.

Please be aware that JADA shall assume no obligation to delete icons, names, IDs, etc., sent or acquired prior to cancellation of the link between the participant’s own Facebook or Twitter account and the Project.

The purpose of use and other handling of information regarding participants registered in an outside service (personal information) obtained by JADA shall comply with the stipulations of rules for personal information established separately by JADA.
* The Project is not connected to or affiliated with Facebook, Inc. or Twitter Inc. in any way.

Terms and conditions established by the individual outside services regarding use of that individual outside service account shall apply concurrently with the Terms of Use. Please review the relevant terms and conditions prior to participation.
JADA shall assume no liability for any conflict, etc., arising between Project participants and the operator of the relevant outside service account.

■ Prizes
Prizes will include items related to athletes participating in the PLAY TRUE 2020 Torch Relay and sport, as well as items related to JADA and PLAY TRUE. Check the relevant page for the latest information.

■ Notification of Winners and Delivery of Prizes
- Individual enquiries regarding raffle winners will not be accepted.
- Rights of winners cannot be transferred to other parties or exchanged for cash.
- Winners will be notified by the Administrative Office ( regarding winning and prize delivery via the e-mail address registered during application to participate. Please change your e-mail settings as necessary to ensure that you can receive e-mails from
- After receiving the selection notification e-mail, winners must enter the required information and return it. Please be aware that it may be impossible to send prizes if the information provided is incorrect or incomplete.

■ Privacy Policy
E-mail addresses obtained when participants enter a raffle shall be used to contact Project winners, and shall be handled carefully in accordance with the basic policy on the protection of personal information established separately by JADA.
The name, address, and other information obtained from winners shall be used for the delivery of prizes, and shall be handled carefully in accordance with the basic policy concerning protection of personal information established separately by JADA.

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